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Exploring Berlin in your comfortable black car

Berlin is the sweet-and-salty mixed bowl of culture, gastronomy, and architecture garnished with breath-taking nightlife and fashion! It is also one of the historically rich cities of the world having plenty of economic sweet spots. Berlin is also considered to be the cultural trendsetter of the world! Being Europe's start-up capital, the city is robust with entrepreneurial creativity and innovation. In the past few years, Berlin has transformed into a land of cultural experimentation. Due to relatively cheap housing rent and abundant space, the city has had a history of plenty of immigrants joining the German population and making a cultural and business remark. There is a sense of freedom of thought and expression in Berlin which can be found nowhere else. For art lovers and traders of art, Berlin is an ideal destination.

Adorned with internationally renowned opera stages and being birth grounds for legends such as Olafur Eliasson and Jonathan Meese, tourists, as well as the indigenous population, never cease to be surprised by Berlin's dynamic, yet deeply culturally-rooted art.

Hollywood's top actors – George Clooney, as well as Tom Hanks, find their homes in Germany's capital Berlin. With art, comes the patience of defining and imagining art, and to have patience, it is required to relax and rejuvenate. Find the best places to visit in Berlin. In spite of having a pulsating business and technology-driven market, down-under people in Berlin love to relax and have a peaceful post-work. This global city maintains the serenity and charm of a slow life rich in the emotion of ‘live and let live'. A great amount of emphasis is put on having a creative lifestyle with ample freedom of thought.

Berlin's nightlife is something worth experiencing. A place where drinking is a religious rite, the land of Oktoberfest celebrates drinking and partying. You can commute to major clubs, cafes and breweries.

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