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  • Suitable & Corresponding Work
  • Free of cost joining
  • On-site dispatching available for 24*7
  • Reliably advanced platform for providing instant reservations and confirmations
  • 24-hour affiliate managing

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Requirements for Selection

  • Affiliates should be able to provide reservations for 24 hours a day
  • A stable Internet connection is necessary
  • The affiliate should have all the required permits as per the states regulations
  • Affiliates should have well-maintained and good-looking vehicles
  • Those who have skilled, trained and experienced chauffeurs will be preferred
  • For security purpose, appropriate insurance coverage is compulsory

Limofahr has maintained a good relationship with reliable limousine affiliate partners for providing superior services to clients. No matter whether the service is needed on a domestic level or on the international level, our affiliate partners are capable of providing satisfying services. In order to, delivering quality services to the clients is the main motive of Limofahr, which is why it has partnered with only well-named companies.

Limofahr conducts a precise selection process for identifying potential companies before accepting them for the Affiliate Partnership Program. Thoroughly researching about affiliate partners gives assurance that the clients will not need to worry about anything when booking a limousine through Limofahr.

Those who are willing to be an affiliate partner to Limofahr should have better or equal policies (compared to our own) because it ensures that our clients will get high-class services as per their requirements. Affiliate partners should be able to provide comfort and safety to the clients, and moreover, they should be responsible for their services in every aspect.