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Jeddah stands at the crossroad of pilgrimages, trading routes, and the land for business and tourism. Jeddah is the traditional gateway to Mecca and is considered to be one of the most fascinating places in Saudi Arabia. Jeddah's liberal atmosphere makes this metropolitan city one of the most popular in the Kingdom. Few of the most popular and fascinating attractions in Jeddah include the World Heritage Sea and the Al Souq Alawi market where one can get fresh and authentic Saudi condiments and spices, and where bargaining is encouraged and appreciated.

Jeddah's peculiar and polished with authentic culture has simplistic Islamic characteristics to it.

Apart from lavish mosques, majestic coastline, international standard cuisine and breath-taking dive sites, Jeddah is rich in architectural beauty and global fashion influence. While Riyadh is the political capital of Saudi, Jeddah is the commercial capital. It records a large number of inter-cultural and business transactional relations from across the globe. Modern Jeddah is much larger in grandeur and spirit than the ancient and established city. The ancient city is however popular for being the place where Eve (the mother of humanity) was laid to rest. The modern Jeddah- now a fast-paced city with territorially uneven around the edges is adorned with high-rises, extravagant water-culture as well as many symbols of religious significance.

Other attractions include the ‘bridge of the Red Sea' which carries a subtle blend of tradition and contemporary. It is also known to symbolize the liberal and developing nature of Jeddah. Additionally, Jeddah's Roshan towers houses are poised to remind you of rustic history of the place through their mustard, old windows and accurately build gates. The religious and culturally authentic nuances of the place are a pure pleasure to eyes. Interestingly, the base of the Roshan towers is made from rocks extracted from Arba'een Lake.

There's a lot to experience in Jeddah which will make you fall in love with it.

Commuting Safely Through Jeddah

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Alrahmah Mosque
Spectacular ‘cultural park'

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