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Discover the Enchanting Paradise of Mauritius with LimoFahr's Taxi Service

Mauritius is a small island nation in the Indian Ocean. Port Louis is the largest and capital city of Mauritius located on the main island. Mauritius is a multi-ethnic and multicultural island nation that also ranks high for its democracy. Its economy revolves around manufacturing, tourism, and information communication technology. Besides this, Mauritius was also ranked as the safest and most peaceful country by Global Peace Index. So, traveling to Mauritius is no less than traveling to a paradise of beauty. It has a lot to offer such as mountain climbing, hiking, colorful temples, waterfalls, national parks, and colonial buildings. But if you really want to make your trip truly joyful then hire a taxi in the Mauritius facility through LimoFahr. The LimoFahr is a taxi service agency that widely operates and has its presence all over.

Our taxi in Mauritius facility is one of the accessible services that cater to all types of travel requirements. We have implemented the service such that it only gives efficient services for both long and short journeys. All customers have satisfactory reviews for our service and they prefer to book taxis online only through LimoFahr. We provide all amenities and safety features and make your traveling really comfortable. So, rely only on LimoFahr and book a taxi in Mauritius anytime, anywhere easily through our website.

Exploring the Gateway to Paradise: Mauritius Airport

Nestled in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius Airport serves as the enchanting gateway to this tropical paradise. This modern and bustling international airport offers a seamless arrival experience, welcoming visitors with its warm hospitality. Its well-designed terminals are adorned with vibrant Mauritian art and culture, setting the tone for a memorable journey. The airport boasts excellent facilities, including duty-free shops showcasing local handicrafts and luxury brands, as well as a diverse range of dining options that tantalize the taste buds. With its efficient services and breathtaking surroundings, Mauritius Airport sets the stage for an unforgettable adventure on this idyllic island paradise.

Travel Mauritius With LimoFahr Taxi Services

Most Popular Destinations Near Mauritius Airport (MRU)

Destination Distance Estimated Time Price  
Mauritius Airport (MRU) ➙ Port Louis (Mauritius City Center) 47.0 Km 43 mns $50 Book Now
Mauritius Airport (MRU) ➙ Pamplemousses Botanical Garden 56.2 Km 54 mins $50 Book Now
Mauritius Airport (MRU) ➙ Trou aux Cerfs 28.4 Km 35 mins $49 Book Now
Mauritius Airport (MRU) ➙ Casela World of Adventures 44.1 Km 50 mins $50 Book Now
Mauritius Airport (MRU) ➙ Flic-en-Flac Beach 49.1 Km 58 mins $50 Book Now
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Book Mauritius Airport Transfer for Quick Airport Journeys

Whether you are coming from the airport or going to the airport, you need an airport transfer that is quick and immediate. The Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport is the only airport in Mauritius that connects to foreign lands. So now you can imagine how crowded the airport remains, and the demand for taxi services remains high. To make airport transfers available on a quick request, we have launched Mauritius airport transfer. The Mauritius airport transfer is operated by a large fleet of taxis. Ours is a service that is promptly available to travelers so that you can make quick journeys either to hotels or to any other destinations. All taxis under the airport transfer fleet are equipped with quality amenities so you don't feel any type of trouble while on the go. So, book Mauritius airport transfers and travel airport journeys conveniently and easily.

Enjoy Every Ride with LimoFahr’s Limousine Service in Mauritius

Our limousine service in Mauritius aims to provide you with more than a ride. Hence, you will find rides completely covered by luxurious amenities. We have made sure to load the limousine service with abundant comforts and conveniences. And therefore, you will find that all our cars in the limousine fleet are equipped with high-end technologies. All our cars are from famous car manufacturers and give you a nice and calm ambiance to relax while on the go. The limousine service in Mauritius comes with added space and deluxe facilities allowing travelers to have comfortable seating arrangements. The service also offers ample space for keeping luggage without creating any discomfort for leg space. So, book a limousine service in Mauritius and add glamour to your ride to make traveling significant.

Mauritius Limousine Service
Mauritius Airport Transfer Service

Hire Airport Limousine Service Mauritius for Exploring the Paradise of Mauritius

Whether you are coming to Mauritius for a business meeting, vacation, or just a pleasure trip, you definitely require a service that can comfortably assist with airport journeys. If this is what you always require then without a thought, just hire our airport limousine service in Mauritius. All cars are from the best brands and are assisted by trained chauffeurs. We hire chauffeurs that have years of experience and can be at the service anytime if the travelers have any problem with the route or traveling requirements.

The airport limousine service in Mauritius is safe, reliable, and professional airport limousine service. The chauffeurs provide you safe and smooth ride so that you can also catch up with your phone calls and e-mails on the go. All cars come with a traffic monitoring system and automatically guide for a safe and hassle-free route. So all and all our airport limousine service in Mauritius will certainly make your time in Mauritius really wonderful.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mauritius Airport (MRU)

How much is the distance, time taken, and taxi cost from Mauritius Airport (MRU) to Port Louis (Mauritius City Center)?+

In terms of distance, the approximate span between Mauritius Airport (MRU) and Port Louis (Mauritius City Center) measures around 47.0 kilometers. While the duration of the journey may differ due to varying traffic conditions, it typically takes around 43 minutes when traversing by car or taxi.

Regarding the taxi fare, it is subject to fluctuations influenced by factors such as traffic, time of day, and the specific taxi company engaged. Nonetheless, as a rough estimation, the taxi fare from Mauritius Airport (MRU) to Port Louis (Mauritius City Center) can fluctuate within a range of approximately $50, encompassing supplementary charges such as luggage fees and waiting time.

How can I find my LimoFahr driver upon landing at Mauritius Airport?+

Locating your LimoFahr driver upon arrival at Mauritius Airport is a seamless process. Our dedicated team ensures that your journey begins smoothly by having our drivers wait right outside the airport area. They will be holding a personalized signboard or placard displaying your name and other relevant details. Additionally, upon finalizing your booking, we will send you a comprehensive email containing the driver's name and additional information, allowing you to easily identify and connect with your designated LimoFahr driver at the airport.

What if my flight to Mauritius is delayed?+

No need to worry if your flight to Mauritius experiences a delay. At LimoFahr, we prioritize your convenience and peace of mind. Our drivers are equipped with real-time flight tracking capabilities, using your flight number to stay updated on any schedule changes. Should your flight be delayed, our drivers will be promptly informed, and they will adjust their arrival time accordingly. With our commitment to providing punctual and reliable service, you can trust that your LimoFahr driver will be waiting for you at Mauritius Airport, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free pick-up experience.

How much is the distance, time taken, and taxi cost from Mauritius Airport (MRU) to Casela World of Adventures?+

The approximate span between Mauritius Airport (MRU) and Casela World of Adventures measures around 44.1 kilometers. The duration of the journey can fluctuate depending on the prevailing traffic conditions, but typically it takes approximately 50 minutes when traveling by car or taxi.

Regarding the cost of the taxi ride, it is subject to variability influenced by factors like traffic, time of day, and the specific taxi company chosen. However, as a rough approximation, the taxi fare from Mauritius Airport (MRU) to Casela World of Adventures can range from approximately $50, taking into account additional charges such as luggage fees and waiting time.