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Mecca to Madina


Comfortable Taxi Services from Mecca to Madina

Mecca and Madina are spiritual places of Muslims around the world. Therefore these two places are hugely cherished by a billion Muslims around the world. Mecca is the home of the Kaabah situated in Masjidul Haram whereas Madina is the house of tomb of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), the final messenger of GOD. Muslims from every corner associate a lot of spiritual attachment to these two twin cities. Travelling to Mecca to Madina or from Madina to Mecca can be done in a variety of ways. But LimoFahr which is a renowned taxi and limousine service agency offers to you finest form of travelling. Therefore, we have a team of expert professionals who put an extra care when it comes to providing comfort. So, you will find our taxi from Mecca to Madina utterly comfortable and convenient.

All our taxi services Mecca Madina comes with full facilities and amenities. The distance of 4 hours 31 minutes between the cities will be absolutely convenient and enjoyable. Each and every taxi for Madina to Mecca comes with ultra-modern amenities and high-end solutions so that you can travel in a restful way. Mecca and Madina are sacred and holy places where a large number of people from around the globe come for Hajj and Umrah. Keeping this in consideration, we at LimoFahr also introduced a dedicated Umrah taxi. This Umrah taxi is fully featured with services and make you reach the destination in a calm and peaceful manner. The Umrah taxi runs between Mecca to Madina and Madina to Mecca for all the pilgrims almost all 24*7. So you don't have to worry about reaching either Mecca or Madina as LimoFahr takes good care of that.

Luxurious Limo Services Mecca to Madina

Accomplishing Hajj and Umrah in a comfortable way is one of the major steps in making the Hajj or Umrah successful. This is taken good care by LimoFahr which provides you limo services Mecca to Madina. Reaching to Madina from Mecca is not at all difficult if you rely on our limo services. We give you a wide range of options in terms of vehicles so that you can pick the vehicle as per your suitability. We have the best brands of vehicles in best conditions comes with all luxurious facilities that make you reach Madina in a luxurious ambience.

All pilgrims appreciate our limo services Mecca to Madina and almost all pilgrims prefer to travel by our limo services. We also give you ample space for keeping luggage without any disturbance in the seating arrangement. All our chauffeurs are aware about the routes and know how to cater all your needs. They have years of experience in making the travelling from Mecca to Madina a joyful ride.

Al Masjid an Nabawi
Masjid al-Haram

Hassle-free ride from Jeddah airport to Mecca Madina

The major airport of Jeddah is King Abdulaziz International Airport, which is 19 km north of Jeddah. It handles thousands of passengers and is the busiest airport in Saudi Arabia. As Jeddah has close proximity to the holy city of Mecca, the airport has a dedicated Hajj terminal for the pilgrims. This terminal remains busy with passengers at the time of Hajj. Noticing such huge rush of passengers, especially during Hajj prompts us at LimoFahr to launch Jeddah airport to Mecca Madina.

As Jeddah is located between Mecca and Madina, the demand for taxi services remains high. We at LimoFahr has a dedicated service by the name of Jeddah airport to Mecca Madina that caters travellers round the clock. We have all facilities and amenities in our cars that make travelling much convenient and hassle-free. You just need to book Jeddah airport service to Mecca Madina through our app or website. And within a few minutes, your ride is available. Our drivers remain attentive and cater all the needs of the travellers in a feasible way. Whether you are travelling from Jeddah or coming from some other region, LimoFahr will give sound services and make your pilgrimage much convenient and stress-free.