Church of Our Lady before Týn

Prague-City Of Premium Travel Experience and Beer!

Prague has been the capital city of the Czech Republic, an integral part of the European Union! It is a historical city with the utmost modern lifestyle. An amalgam of traditional and modern lifestyles, Prague attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world, and that too, all the year round. Due to this, Prague has developed as a premium tourist destination and has befitting facilities for every visitor. The City of Prague is extremely beautiful as it is divided into two parts by the Vltava River. The city is also identified by its nickname ‘The City of A Hundred Spires’!

Prague City-Place With Multi-Faceted Entertainment!

When it comes to visiting the City of Prague, the occasional visitors may have multiple reasons to consider! Right from natural and serene picturesque panoramic beauty, the City is widely popular for its Gothic Churches, Baroque Buildings, historical Medieval Astronomical Clock, and the pedestrian Charles Bridge along with the statues of popular Catholic Saints are some of the places that people never miss or overlook. All these and more are some of the most interesting things to do for the residents of the Czech Republic.

Lesser Town Bridge Tower